Financial stress was the single largest employee concern across America before the coronavirus outbreak: 85% of employees carried financial stress to and from work every day. Now, the stress, anxiety, and challenges facing employees across all industries and income levels are heightened to record levels as the economy wobbles, the stock market slips, and entire job sectors are shut down because of state and city quarantines.

Your employees are looking for unbiased financial information and guidance they can trust.

We, at Holberg Financial, are humbled, honored and prepared to provide – for free – our "3 Step Financial Health Guide to Navigating the Coronavirus Impact" to any company that wants to educate and empower their employees with our financial wellness resources. Any company can sign up for free here.

Unlike other financial companies, we don’t sell products and services, display ads, or sell user data. We are always unbiased and confidential, which is one of the reasons why we are the top-rated financial wellness benefit on G2.

In response to the influx of questions and concerns we’ve heard from thousands of employees who already have access to Holberg Financial, we’ve built a “3 Step Financial Health Guide to Navigating the Coronavirus Impact” to help inform as many employees as possible:

Additionally, companies that sign up for the free 3 Step Financial Health Guide will also receive 30 days access to our entire financial wellness platform. Our platform, which includes tools, education, and resources, is designed specifically to help your employees build their financial health and wellness - in good times and in hard times. To support your company, our platform is now free to access, and it will take less than 5 minutes to set up and launch to your employees.

Access to our platform includes:

  • 3 Step Financial Health Guide to Navigating the Coronavirus Impact
  • Straightforward budgeting tool
  • Personalized accounts and goal-tracking
  • 50+ financial education videos and resources
  • Financial health monitoring and progress summary

Currently, thousands of employees and their employers across the U.S. rely on Holberg Financial as a benefit, and many users have reached out with questions and concerns regarding their finances and the impact of COVID-10. Because of this, we have also released a short Coronavirus FAQ video that anyone is welcome to watch and share with their teams.

We feel a deep sense of responsibility, and will continue to be a trusted and unbiased financial wellness resource for employees. In this challenging moment, we believe that financial education and wellness resources are crucial to helping people get the information and support they need while making it extremely easy for companies to help their employees.

In less than 90 seconds, learn how to set up an account for your company, and get these essential financial education resources into the hands of your employees:

Setup Steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Get started for free" in the top banner
  3. Create an account and complete the short set up steps
  4. Explore the Learn center which includes the 3 Step Financial Health Guide to Navigating the Coronavirus Impact
  5. Upload your employee roster (this is never shared and it is encrypted and secure)
  6. Send yourself a test Welcome Email to preview what your employees will receive
  7. Send the Welcome Email to employees which contains the invite link to create a free account.
  8. Reach out if you need any support, we're always here for you and your employees!

As we all move forward together, we’re here to support your company. Most often, a CEO, CFO, or Chief People Officer/CHRO will set up and launch the Holberg Financial platform for their employees so feel free to share this resource with them or another point person at your company.

Reach out to us any time at, and if you are interested in scheduling a 20-30 minute demo, please visit