Today, we’re excited to announce our integration with Fringe ( to become their trusted financial education and wellness benefit partner. Fringe offers more than 80+ lifestyle benefits to employees via companies that want to give their employees freedom, flexibility, and choice when it comes to choosing the perks and benefits that they value. Employers give their employees flexible spending dollars to use on the Fringe platform, where they can shop from top companies like Headspace, Babbel, Blinkist, Instacart, Netflix, and Holberg Financial.

Giving employees choice and variety is a driving motivator for companies, as they consider non-traditional benefits like Holberg Financial and flexible lifestyle platforms like Fringe. According to a recent MetLife study, 80% of employees would value benefits customized to individual circumstances and age.

As the demand for financial wellness accelerates, finding a platform that meets both employer and employee needs is challenging. Employers strive for adoption, engagement, and results, while employees are looking for high-quality financial education, unbiased guidance, a personalized account, and goal-tracking to help them reach their financial goals.

Chris Luhrman, Co-Founder & VP of Operations, is excited about the value Holberg Financial brings to the Fringe platform. “Employees across the country are seeking out financial wellness at work. What we love about Holberg Financial is that they seamlessly blend a straightforward and powerful financial wellness technology platform with confidential, unbiased financial coaching. This "one-two punch" builds the financial health of employees which reduces their financial stress and in turn increases loyalty and tenure at the companies they work for - it’s a win for companies, employees, and for Fringe as we aim to give millions of employees access to the lifestyle benefits of their choice.”

Forward-thinking employers are on board too; they know that in order to compete for new talent and increase current employee satisfaction and tenure, they need to take actionable steps in offering more benefits and variety to their employees without signing up for everything all at once.

Joe Holberg, Founder & CEO, is looking forward to this new partnership. “Our integration with Fringe will bring even more choice and value to employees who are looking to build their financial health. For centuries, financial education and guidance has been limited to the highest earners in society, but with Fringe, we can continue our pursuit of democratizing access to financial wellness.”

About Holberg Financial

Holberg Financial solves the largest employee concern in the U.S.: financial stress with a financial wellness platform that includes education, goal-setting, budgeting, and 1-on-1 financial coaching so that they can be their best, productive selves every single day.

Employers interested in offering financial wellness through Holberg Financial can reach out to to learn more from one of our financial wellness specialists, or check out

About Fringe
Fringe is the world’s first fringe benefits marketplace. Funded by their employers, employees are able to select from over 80 services that simplify their life. Unlike traditional benefits, Fringe benefits meet needs now. Their services include massage, grocery delivery, child care, ride sharing, student loan pay-off, and a whole lot more! Finally, HR can provide personalized benefits to each employee, and all with zero administration.  Book a demo at